Pictures taken with an AGFA 1280 Digital Camera at 700x1000.

That's my name!

Old Sharon Church burned down sometime after 1948. Dad saw it standing when he was 17. Not a trace of it there now. Originally built in 1824. A new church was built up the road in 1914.

There are over half a dozen Copelands in this cemetary. I recognized three generations of our relatives. My great grand parents, Charles Copeland and Ida Ammons. My great-great grand parents on Ida's side, Andrew Jackson Ammons and Elizebeth Jane Bryan. My great-great-great grand parents, William Copeland and Nancy Bryans. William and Nancy had twelve children, one of them Elihu, my great-great grandfather. I have yet to find Elihu's grave site. However, The deed of sale of Elihu's Farm near Lawrenceville is here. The way property lines were described in 1872 is quite interesting!

  •  Pictures - Old Sharon Church as seen in 1924.
  •  Pictures - Charles Copeland & Ida Ammons
  •  Pictures - Charles Copeland died in 1899 of typhoid fever.
  •  Pictures - Ida Ammons died 11 years later leaving our grand dad an orphan at 12 years.
  •  Pictures - Three of twelve children of William Copeland
  •  Pictures - William Copeland born 1786,First Ancestor from SC, 12 children, Elihu his son -
  •  Pictures - Nancy Copeland born 1792, First Ancestor from Scotland, married William
  •  Pictures - Parthena Copeland died at 23. C. Nolen then married Bethnia Copeland, daughters of William
  •  Pictures - James W. Copeland - son of William
  •  Pictures - William P. Copeland - son of William
  •  Pictures - Andrew Jackson Ammons (1828-1903) - father of Ida Copeland
  •  Pictures - Elizabeth Jane Ammons (1832-1901) - mother of Ida Copeland
  •  Pictures - Cassandra Holland Bryans (1800-1866) - grandmother of Ida Copeland
  •  Pictures - Elizabeth Adaire Bryans (1752-1836) - great grandmother of Ida Copeland
  •  Pictures - 1872 deed of sale of Elihu's 275 acre farm near Lawrenceville,GA for $1500