Pictures taken with an AGFA 1280 Digital Camera at 480x640.

The old Copeland plantation is located on North Ola Road just north of the Old Sharon Church Cemetary. The old Copeland bridge still exists though it has been moved three times during the last 174 years. The Plantation is on the left after you cross the Copeland bridge on N. Ola Rd.

The owner of most of the Copeland land stopped by while I was there. His name is Norman "Skeeter" Echols and he lives just north of the The Plantation is located at 2139 North Ola Road on 11 acres owned by Ben&Heather Landers.

Norman had alot to tell me about the Copeland Plantation. The house is now four piles of rocks, two of the piles were chimneys. It burned down in 1957. In between the house and road is an old stage coach road that looks like a wide ravine. You can make out a stone staircase from this road up to the house. There are two original wells with covers still intact. Between the house and road used to be a barn. Not a trace of that now.

There is an old mill stone out by a river not far away. Norman is not aware of any documentation stating there was a mill there. I know William Copeland built the Plantation and his son David ran it. The crop was cotton, then logging during Jesse's ownership. When I told Norman I thought the plantation was about 400 acres, he responded it was closer to 3500 acres. Though this number includes four families that worked together. The Copelands, Bryans, McCalisters (sp?), and another family. There was a slave/worker house between the bridge and Plantation. Not a trace of that other than the old driveway from main road.

  •  Pictures - Copeland Bridge, this bridge has moved three times in 175 years, but retains its name.
  •  Pictures - Looking up road to slave/worker house
  •  Pictures - Ground where slave/worker house stood. Records show at least six slave lived here once.
  •  Pictures - Copeland House, rock piles indicate at least two chimneys existed.
  •  Pictures - Copeland House
  •  Pictures - Stage Coach trail, this goes all the way down to the river. bridge abutments still there.
  •  Pictures - Well Cover
  •  Pictures - Copeland entry, now the Landers at 2139 N. Ola Rd.