Pictures taken with an AGFA 1280 Digital Camera at 480x640.

The Henry J. Copeland mansion is located just south of the town square on Griffin St. At one time the house was open to tours. Today its used for special events, and a few select days of the week you can have lunch and dinner there. Call 770-898-611 for reservations and information. H.J.'s 1883 home is located about 100 yards from the mansion. H.J. Copeland is the son of Willis Copeland and grandson of William Copeland, the origin of all McDonough Copelands.

I have not located Andrew Jackson Ammons home, (parents of Charles Copeland's wife, Ida) but here are pictures of it.

  •  Pictures - H. J. 1907 mansion front view
  •  Pictures - H. J. 1907 mansion inside front door
  •  Pictures - H. J. 1907 mansion right view
  •  Pictures - H. J. 1907 mansion left view (note three chimneys)
  •  Pictures - H. J. 1883 house on College Rd.
  •  Pictures - Willis Copeland house, next door, father of H. J., civil war veteran
  •  Pictures - J.P. Copeland had a house on Macon St. Was this it? If you find out which home belonged to J.P. let me know!
  •  Pictures - E.M. Copeland house on Macon st.
  •  Pictures - Andrew & Elizebeth Ammon's house from front. My great grand parents on Ida Copeland's side.
  •  Pictures - Andrew & Elizebeth Ammon's house from back.