Alpharetta Greenway Trail

(collection of pictures taken during the covid pandemic of 2020)
by Charles Copeland

Alpharetta Greenway Trail

Anonymous Chalk Drawing 3/20/2020

Grotto - above this are remains of a old whiskey still constisting of a concrete base and wood posts. Still was removed in 1984.


Cardinal and Blue Jay

Eastern Towhee Sparrow

Blue Bird

Pine Siskin Finch

Eastern Phoebe

Cedar Wax Wing

Grey Cat Bird

Red-shouldered Hawk

Common Water Snake fishing for perch (non-venomous)

Water Moccasin?

Eastern King Snake - a snake that eats snakes

Two inch diameter Painted Turtle

Eastern Fence Lizard

Green Anole

Mimosa vine

Speckled Touch-Me-Not

Asiatic Dayflower

Maypop (Wild Apricot)


Strawberry Bush, very toxic!

Jack In The Pulpit (rare)

Waxcap Mushroom

Young Puffball Mushrooms

Slime Mold (Fuligo septica)

Golden Orb Spider (invasive species from Japan/Korea since 2019)

Green Lynx Spider

Pumpkin Spider

Lightning Bug Larvae also known as the troglodyte larvae

Hummingbird War at 240 frames per second